Large Capacity Highperformance Memory Cards To Save Your Videos

Videos are memory hogs. Shoot a brief 60-second recording, and you may consume 17 to 30 megabytes of memory Plus saving them can be a major bottleneck, because you can shoot much quicker than many typical memory cards can save. Ideally, you'll want to have cards with the following attributes:

■ For video, your memory cards should be as large as you can afford (256MB or bigger).

■ High-resolution recording video burns megabytes each and every second, which means you will want even higher-capacity cards, at least 512MB. One gigabyte or 2GB are better. (Don't bother with higher-capacity cards, because most consumer digital cameras don't as yet support the file format needed for cards over 2GB.)

■ If you are shooting 640 x 480, 30-fps video, your memory cards should be fast. Both Lexar Media and SanDisk (as well as other card manufacturers) market high-performance cards, for which you will pay a premium. But with video, it's worth it. Just make sure your camera will support them.

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