Getting the Right Business Photo

A good business photo must convey and support the meaning you need and intend, without adding any unwelcomed subtext. Everything in your photo should have a purpose, or it shouldn't be there.

Here are some guidelines for creating successful business photos:

■ Pay attention the basics of good photography as described in Chapter 12.

■ Keep the composition simple and unambiguous. Clarity of concept is much more important than artistic expression.

■ The background should be uncluttered or even empty. Or conversely, the background must be entirely representative of the concept behind the image, providing context and a sense of location.

■ If it's a product shot, be sure that everything is sharply focused. (See Chapter 15 for guidelines on product photography.)

■ If it's a lifestyle photo, meant to show people involved in the kinds of activities you are espousing, be sure the people are appealing for the audience you wish to reach. This often means that they look healthy, comfortable, happy, and nicely dressed.

■ As a rule, use primary, clear colors and good contrast to convey a feeling of crispness for photos intended to promote your company or your concept.

■ Be careful with shadows, making sure they add to rather than distract from your purpose. (See Chapter 9 regarding controlling and adding light.)

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