Flash Intensity Mode

Many digital cameras have a menu option that allows users to adjust the intensity, or the amount of light, pumped out by the camera's built-in flash. It works very much like exposure compensation, in that the user can adjust the amount of light two /-stops, plus or minus (better cameras have a +/-3 /-stop range), usually in increments of 1/3 of an /-stop. You activate flash intensity mode through the menu, which displays a scale on either the LCD viewfinder or control panel. Then, using either um the four-way jog button or subdial, you move the display marker towards the + (lighter) or - (darker) side of the scale.

For starters, move one full /-1pt-stop lighter or darker, and see if the exposure is more to your liking. If not, move the display marker in 1/3 /-1pt-stops, until the picture's exposure looks correct (or meets your expectations, which may not be the same thing). You can double-check whether the exposure is light or dark enough by looking at the histogram of the image.

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