Finding Your Way Around

We've divided this book into four parts.

■ Go to Part I: "Understanding your Digital Camera" to find out how digital cameras work (including understanding what megapixels really are). It also gives advice on xix rm>

choosing the right model for your next (or first) digital camera, a primer on the basics of how to use your digital camera, and a discussion of what accessories you may need or want (and how to distinguish between the two).

■ Turn to Part II: "Photography: The Play of Light and Color on the Human Imagination"

if you want to go beyond shooting everything in the point-and-shoot default mode. Here you'll learn what the various controls are on your camera, as well as how to use them and why. We also explain what effect different camera settings will have on your photographs, as well as share tips and shortcuts for getting the most out of your camera so you can get the pictures you want.

■ In Part III: "Photography with a Purpose," we offer tips and guidelines on improving your photography, including advice from expert pros on shooting sports, portraits, vacations, products, and other types of pictures. In addition, you'll find guidance on creating great photographs for specific purposes, such as for newsletters, online auctions, business brochures, family albums, or email—and using them in various types of projects. You'll learn also how to choose, buy, and use a camera phone.

■ In Part IV: "I Have My Pictures, Now What?" you'll find guidance and tips on working with your pictures in your computer, including help in getting image files from your camera into your computer. You'll learn about editing, sharing, printing, and organizing your pictures, in ways that will ensure the best picture quality, convenience, and efficiency. In addition, you'll find out what the real differences are among the many kinds of software you could use, what they can do for you, and how to choose the right one(s) for your needs and skill level.

We hope you'll enjoy learning and mastering digital photography with us. It really is a grand adventure that goes far beyond mere technology.

Happy shooting! Daniel and Sally July 2004

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