Creating Light in a Pinch

You want to shoot a video in a dark, dingy room, but you didn't bring along a movie light. Don't worry: you probably have something nearby that you can use in a pinch. Turn on all the lights. If there is a handy floor or desk lamp, remove the lampshade and move it close to the subject. Open the blinds or curtains, if it's still daylight out, and let the sunlight stream in. If you still can't put enough light onto your subject, consider asking the subjectto move where the light is much better. And if you still are getting dark pictures, you can try the following techniques:

■ Boost the ISO equivalency (see Chapter 6).

■ Put exposure compensation 12 at its maximum plus setting (see Chapter 6).

■ If your camera allows it, reduce the resolution or the frame rate. This may allow more light per frame to fall on the image sensor.

■ Try all three remedies.

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