Camera Bags

Camera and gadget bags come in all shapes, sizes and colors. In fact, some of the best camera bags aren't designed for cameras at all, but are all-purpose backpacks, army surplus gas mask bags, sports bags, and the like. You'll want a bag that is large enough to carry your camera and paraphernalia, but isn't so large and heavy that you'll always want to put it down rather than let it rest on your shoulder. Waterproofing is a definite plus. If you use a tripod, you'll want a strong bag with straps on the bottom, for slipping in your tripod or monopod. Pockets are always handy for small accessories, such as memory cards and spare batteries. Last, but not least, get a bag that opens easily and conveniently, so you can get to your camera quickly when the shot you want comes along.

Get Paid to Take Digital Photos

Get Paid to Take Digital Photos

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