Beyond the Basic TV Slideshow

If you want to do more with your photos when you display them on your TV, consider purchasing a digital photo viewer, or set top box, which connects to your television and, well, sits on top of it.

Devices like Visioneer PhotoPort TV 100 can take input from your digital camera and/or your memory card to give you more control over how the photos play and display on your TV You can customize the slideshow, often adding captions, controlling transition times and effects, and other options. Then, relax, sit back with remote control in hand, and enjoy the show.

Conversely, if you're a gadget-loving geek, you might want a media player, which streams digital photos, audio, and other media through an entertainment system connected to your TV To us, it seems like overkill and too complicated, at least with current generation technology. Perhaps, as things become more streamlined and more user-friendly, we'll eventually agree with Bill Gates' prognostications that everything in our home will ultimately be wired together, from our refrigerator to our stereo to, yes, our digital cameras.

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