Before You Start Shooting Your Video

The first two things you'll want to check before you start are memory card capacity and battery status.

■ If you don't have any images already saved on the card, it's always a good idea to refresh it by reformatting the card. If you do have images on your memory card, you might want to briefly review them and delete as many superfluous or marginal pictures as possible to free up the maximum amount of storage space.

■ If you can, have a spare memory card or two in your pocket, so you can continue recording when the first card runs out of space.

■ Many still digital cameras have a countdown on the LCD viewfinder that displays the approximate number of minutes and seconds of memory left for video recording. Always check it before you start so you have an idea of how much time you will have before you have to swap memory cards.

■ Your batteries should be freshly charged, with a spare set at the ready.

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