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In summer 1991, we spent a weekend with Fred Shippey and Katrin Eismann at the soon to be opened Kodak Center for Creative Imaging (CCCI) at Camden, Maine, discovering the amazing potential of the $25,000 prototype Kodak DCS-100 digital camera and a new image-editing program called Photoshop. Since that time, we have been indebted to numerous industry experts, associates, and friends—starting, of course, with Fred and Katrin. Other mentors and associates who have always been generous with their knowledge, information, and friendship include Dr. Al Edgar, Dr. Bob Gann, Professor Ed Granger, John Larish, Dr. Joe Runde, and Dr. Julie Skipper.

We have been very fortunate to have worked over the years with some of the best editors and lab technicians in the business. Our thanks to our editors and associates at PC Magazine, past and present, including Sarah Anderson, Glen Bousseau Becker, Jamie Bsales, Sean Carroll, Stephanie Chang, Jenn DeFeo, Laura Delaney, Dan Evans, Rich Fisco, Craig Ellison, Roy Goodwin, Ben Gottesman, Matthew Graven, Lori Grunin, Bill Howard, Vicki Jacobson, Jeremy Kaplan, Konstantinos Karagiannis, Carol Levin, Don Labriola, Bill Machrone, Carol Mangis, Peter McKie, Glenn Menin, Michael Miller, John Morris, Brian Nadel, Ann Ovodow, Melissa Perenson, Robyn Peterson, Alfred Poor, Laarni Ragazza, Robin Raskin, Charlie Rodriguez, Paul Ross, Nick Stam, Sharon Terdeman, Don Wilmot, and Lance Ulanoff. A special thank you to M. David Stone and Jan Ozer, PC Magazine contributing editors, for their suggestions and input into the printer and video chapters. Our thanks to Mark Pope of Ziff Davis for first fielding our idea for this book. And to the team at John Wiley & Sons, including Chris Webb, our acquisitions editor, for his perseverance, respect, and patience; Kevin Kent, our development editor, for his guidance, open communications, and clear-headed editing; and Felicia Robinson for shepherding all our art through production.

We've enjoyed our numerous conversations with fellow photographers, many of whom shared their expert knowledge, tips, and techniques and allowed us to reproduce their beautiful photographs and digital art. Our thanks to Ben Gottesman, Greg Gorman (and his associate Trish Sword), John Isaac, Lewis Kemper, Michael Lewis, Peter Read Miller, Steve Rosenbaum, and Marilyn Sholin.

Naturally, this book couldn't have been written without supportive interaction and communication with numerous companies and people in the digital camera and imaging industry. Cameras and other equipment were loaned to us by Canon, Concord, Casio, Eastman Kodak, Epson, FujiFilm, Hewlett-Packard, Konica Minolta, Kyocera, Lexar Media, Lexmark, Monaco Systems, Motorola, Nikon, Olympus, SanDisk, Sigma, SmartDisk, Sony, and Sony Ericsson. Software was provided by ACD Systems, Adobe Systems, Corel Corporation, Extensis, Jasc, Macromedia, Microsoft, Mountaincow, PhotoParade, Picasa, Roxio, and others. Quite a few individuals have been instrumental in helping us with information, illustrations, software, and the loan of digital cameras and other devices, including Kim Agricola, Nicole Andergard, Iqbal Arshad, Cyndi Babasa, Pam Barnett, Joslyn Beloff, Ritch Blasi, Elissa Brown, Michael Bourne, Teresa Bridwell, Paul Buckner, Christie Burgner, Nancy Carr, Rick Champagne, Dario Chiarini, Sally Smith Clemens, Kevin Connor, Jenny Cooley, Alex Curyea, Leah Barret Demers, Brett Denley, David Dickstein, Patricia Doherty, Anna Doi, Caitlin Donahue, Karen Drost, Gabrielle Elmer, Steve Everett, Kim Evans, Bonnie Fladung, Rosemary Flynn, Bill Giordano, Keith Gordon, Jessica Gould, Leigh Grimm, Jennifer Gurien,Jo Ann Guear,Jim Gustke, Dan Harlacher, Kylie Ware Heintz, Adam Hersh, Scott Houchin, Jennifer Hudson, Ross Jacobs, John Jatinen, Ann Johnson, Elisha Joseph, Roxanne Jurtschenko, Jay Kelbley, Kelly Kessler, Monisha Khanna, John

Knauer, Thomas Knoll, Andy LaGuardia, Mats Lindeberg, Ryan Lucklin, Chris MacAskill, Jeffrey Mandell, Michelle Martin, Stephna May, Anne McIntosh, Nate Murphy, Grant Myre, Cheryl Balbach Nelson, Scott Nelson, Brenda Ning, Joe Paglia, Jim Peyton, Jon Piazza, Allison Pankrantz, Darrin Peeple, Jim Peyton, Nicole Ramirez, Joan Rankin, Mary Resnick, Jeff Ravencraft, Crystal Revak, Dora Ricci, Jacob Rice, Michelle Richardson, Steve Rosenbaum, Mike Rubin, Jon Sienkiewicz, Chris Sluka, Kristine Snyder, Anders Steele, Michael Stevenson, Deborah Szajngarten, Min Tak, Chris Taylor, Karen Thomas, Liz Tobey, Patricia Trapaga, Rosemary Valenta, Lyda Velez, Mike Virgintino, Saurabh Wahi, Lisa Walker, Mark Weir, Gwyn Weisberg, Aaron Wessels, Chuck Westfall, Laura Whitby, Merritt Woodward, Claudine Wolas-Shiva, Mike Wong, David Yang, Eric Zakarov, and many others. Software instrumental in our testing and in preparing our manuscript includes ACD Systems ACDSee, Adobe Photoshop Creative Suite, DO Labs DOX digital camera testing software, TechSmith SnagIt screen capture utility, Microsoft Office, and Monaco Optix color calibration. So many people were so very helpful that it has been difficult to keep track. Our apologies if we inadvertently left anybody out. Our heartfelt thanks to all.

Our thanks, also, to our assistant Jacob Rae, for all his support and long hours of testing digital cameras. Everyone should have a drummer doing timing tests for the sake of consistent and reliable results.

And to the two people who are always the first to read our copy and give us valued feedback, our deep gratitude and love to Edith and Noel Wiener.

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