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For the professional photography industry

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Our policy is underwritten by one of the largest European insurers and provides a specifically tailored policy to your needs.

Visit our quote site above and complete a simple form for a free no obligation quote or if you prefer to speak to people call us on

Free Phone 0800 074 7016

'Professional Indemnity cover now available for as little as £105.00*

Photo Direct & Quoteour co uk is an online trading name of Weald Insurance Brokers Ltd —registered and \A/CAI r-j regulated by the FSA under licence No 301679 wv

Internet Design clikpic

Now you can have a professionally designed website for just £35 p.a.


Black & White Processing ■ classic Dealer


DEV& CONTACT £«00 Add £1 for C41 /Uprate Packago deal- D«v & 7.5 x 5 - 36ox E18 00 Reprints/selective enlargements

GLOSSY or PEARL - NEO SIZES 35mm to 5x4

instructions followed. Filxe prints/sepia toning .100* A* our prints are handprinted & films handprocessed Send cheque with order plus £»-75 p&p to -

MONOPRINT Apptegarth Mouse. Tumbledown Hill, Cumnor, Oxford OXl 9QE

MoMe: 07969 7773S9 am»; anquryQmonoprintco uk

Buy or sell at Manchester's largest selection of used photographic equipment

The Real Camera Co.

Sevendale House

7 Dale Street Manchester M1 1JA

Tel/Fax: 0161 907 3236 E-mail:[email protected]

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