A Katie, Formentera, 2006

This comes from a shoot where i used shadow patterns over the body for the first time in my nude work. i love the pattern itself, cast from a sunshade over a patio, but i also like very much the slim and feline look and shape of the model.

> Sylvia, Cape Town, 2002 There is only one nude shot i have ever completely preplanned, and this is it. The concept would have been too hard to get spontaneously, so i shot the model lying on black material on the ground while i stood high above her on the roof of my apartment.

a Nick and Ivana, Milan, 2001

These two models had never met each other before our shoot but they worked very well together, producing a series of simple, graphic poses. This one was shot with my camera turned 90 degrees to one side—they are actually sitting down.

e Francesca, Ibiza, 2003

An impromptu shot that i took in ibiza, this was achievec by simply running a hose through a rainwater pipe on the back of our villa and shooting in the afternoon sun. i used a shutter speed of 1/180th of a second to freeze the water while still maintaining a fraction of movement.


gabriele rigon

Nationality Italian

Main working location Italy

Photographic method Digital

Nationality Italian

Main working location Italy

Photographic method Digital

Gabriele Rigon was born into photography as his family had run a studio since the time of his greatgrandfather. Rather than making it his career he initially joined the Italian armed services, and is now a helicopter pilot. His first serious foray with his camera was in reportage work, recording a UN mission in Namibia. Today he shoots nudes for many international magazines and his work has appeared on more than 40 book covers.

In my opinion, every woman can be a model because every woman has about her a femininity that a good photographer should be able to draw out. But if you don't know the model personally, it's harder to interpret her beauty and, however nice-looking she is, she may not be a good subject for fine art photography. The models I use are all girls that I know and most of them aren't professionals—in fact, some of them have posed only for me. I prefer to work with just a few models and build up a long working relationship, since the better you know your model the better your images will end up being. When a model is used to you she feels less inhibited in front of the camera, she can anticipate the type of photograph you want, and she can give you all her sensuality and beauty. It is a sort of sensual game, and it is your goal to steal a little bit of her privacy—but never more than she will permit.

Today, most erotic images are fleeting, even furtive, on TV and in films. Fine art photography allows us to enjoy the classical values of the human body as a thing not just of beauty but also nobility. If you look at the statues of ancient Greece, nothing has changed since then in the way that beautiful women are portrayed. I think the female nude is nature's finest form; I am so moved by it I try to translate what I feel into images. In every photograph I take, I freeze a woman's mood in time and create an eternal symbol of beauty. The truth is that I am a romantic, and when faced with female beauty the only way for me to say something is with poetry, translated into an image.



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