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Lighting conditions do not have to be challenging or unusual to be spectacular. The main rule is to try to avoid shooting with the light behind you, as this will make the lighting look flat. light coming from the side or from behind the model creates the wonderfully strong lighting effects on this page. i just used direct or indirect sunlight, or the lights in my kitchen at night. i like to look for lighting opportunities within the setting; doing this improves your improvisation skills. i also tend to consider that studio equipment should stay in the studio. on the facing page are some ideas for light sources, used as props in the images. let it help fire your imagination; the possibilities are endless.


Windows early morning or late afternoon sunlight, or winter sunshine, creates lovely long shadows. Find out which windows catch the light at different times of day, and plan your photo sessions around that. there are also options for you on cloudy days; fluorescent ceiling lights can give surprisingly good results. For the photograph on the right i just used kitchen lights to create a backlit effect.

Alternative lighting

Bringing a light source into an image automatically creates a link between the source and the subject. if, in addition to this, your model can make a connection with the light source, you then have the basis for a good image. construction lights, candles, desk lights, sunbeds, flashlights—even streetlights—can be used creatively to make this link in every home or every type of environment you are bound to fine some kind of light that can contribute to your image.

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Lighting from below

In these shots there Is a big round lamp lighting the model from below, This kind of light can easily produce unsettling, almost melodramatic, effects, but the soft expression and fragile figure of my model gives the pictures a dreamy, mysterious look, Remember always, though, that lamps—especially halogen lamps—get extremely hot, so mat® sure everyone keeps a safe distance from them,

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