Choosing using a setting

Choosing a setting is similar to choosing a model—you make your decisions based on what will best suit the style and atmosphere of the image you want to create, from the best alternatives you have at your disposal. A setting can be an important part of the image so give it the consideration it deserves. it can help give your model a story line inspired by the setting, so he or she will act a part in the story. You might go for a strong contrast, such as a vulnerable model in a rough, threatening setting, or for harmony—a model relaxing in a tranquil setting. Whatever you choose, make sure every element matches the mood: the model's pose, makeup, props, and accessories.

Models And Props Photography

Canelle in a thoughtful mood

With your model placed to one side of the image you make a space that he or she can look into, creating a connection with the setting. Here the melancholy mood is enhanced by the mosquito nets and the protective position of the arm.

Melancholy MoodNude Girl Abandoned Place

Mitali in a tree instead of "girl in front of tree" (or building, or whatever place of interest), i ofter

Abandoned industry

This old factory has been my favorite setting for years. industrial buildings provide such try to put my models right into the setting. Here Mitali expresses the joy of nature a beautiful contrast with the soft forms of a female model. Here, my viewpoint is at eye on a late sunny afternoon. The low sun coming from the side sculpts her body well, and her smile belies the fact that this was actually a cold day level looking slightly downward, which adds a touch of fragility to the image. A lower viewpoint would have made the model look stronger and the image more sexy

Act Photography NudeUnderwater Fat Nude Photography

Beauty in unlikely places

Last year the city authorities dug up the beautiful park that i often shoot in to install a new drain network. At first the place just looked like a mess, but when they brought in the pipes and metal structures i saw that there might be scope for an interesting shoot. As you can see, the pipes were not big enough to pose in comfortably, but we made some great compositions, with the model emerging from the dark tunnel, striking a pose inside the pipe, and echoing the pattern made by the metal girders. and i love the colors of the rust and paint.

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