Adjusting the pose

Poses shouldn't be considered In terms of good or bad, but rather elegant or Inelegant, suited or not suited to your picture. As a photographer you have to be able to analyze a pose quickly. Always start with the point of impact (the feet if the model is standing, and so on). Remember that a change in your position will change the pose visually, and that you should also adjust the pose in relation to light direction and image composition. Thinking in terms of the atmosphere of the image also helps. If the model "feels" the image he or she will find an authentic-looking pose almost automatically.

Nude Light Direction

Kneeling position in the first image the front foot is positioned awkwardly under her leg, which is pointing forward, causing a foreshortening effect. The back foot is visible and spoils the lines of the pose. The second pose is more streamlined and relaxed

Nude Leg Foot

Avoiding a double chin if your model is lying on her back, arms above her head, and looking to camera, there is a danger that her shoulder, neck, and chin will be too close to each other. Often, just relaxing slightly and looking to the side is enough to avoid this effect.

Arching the back

There is one very simple way to improve the pose if your model is lying on her back. in the image above, Paulina's feet are almost flat against the ground, and so is her back. in the image on the right i asked her to raise her knees slightly and point her feet so that only the toes were in contact with the floor. immediately her back arched up, creating a much stronger and more shapely pose.

Arched Back

S-forms curves not only add elegance, but also dynamism. in the shot on the right the pose is completely symmetrical, very still, and very static. i asked Annelies to curve her back and look to the left, into the direction of the light, and you can see that the image below has much more energy. if i had asked her to look to the right it would have added an extra curve and she would be looking away from the light, resulting in a very different effect.

Nude Kneeling Poses


With silhouettes it is especially important to get the pose just right. in the shot on the left there is no space between the model's head and her arm, which spoils the shape of the pose. in general, it is better if all the major body forms are defined.

Nude Lying Side

Facing the light

The best way to show your model aware of and connecting with her environment is to have her face the direction of the light. in the image on the right also notice how the elbow looks more graceful when it's not pointing directly at the camera.

Graceful Nude Pose

An all-over lift standing on tiptoes puts tension into the calves and thighs, lifts the bum, and brings the shoulders back slightly, making even the position of the head more elegant. This is one reason why high heels are so popular in glamour photography.

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