Microstock Library Links

Don't read too much into the order. These are basic links so that you can find and visit a wide range of microstock sites for yourself. I make no promise that this list is exhaustive. Good hunting!

1. iStockphoto. The original microstock, credit purchase (single sale), now owned by Getty. Prices are $1 —$15, dependent on resolution; base commission 20%. http://www.istockphoto.com

2. Shutterstock. The largest specialized subscription microstock. Pays $0.25 until $500 earned, and then $0.30 per download. http://www.shutterstock.com; photographer submissions via http://www.submit.shutterstock.com

3. Dreamstime. Mixed subscription and credit purchase site. Minimum 50% commission paid. http://www.dreamstime.com

4. Fotolia. Strong European customer base, fast growth. Credit purchase site; commission 33% for nonexclusive image and 50% of the sales price for exclusive image. http://www.fotolia.com (click on national flags at bottom of page to find local sites/languages)

5. Stockxpert. Owned by JupiterMedia, with recent heavy investment, should be the one to watch. $1 starting price, 50% commission on sales to photographers. http://www.stockxpert.com

6. SnapVillage. Corbis's late entry in to the microstock market means that both the largest traditional players are gambling on microstock success. Single sale and subscription; photographer fixes selling price for credit sales. http://www .snapvillage.com

7. 123RF. Mixed monthly subscription and single-sale (credit-purchase) site. Rebranded from 123 Royalty Free. Wholly owned subsidiary of Inmagine Corp LLC. Recent site revamp and skills of Inmagine should boost popularity. Pays $0.36 per subscription download and 50% of credit sales. http://www.123RF .com

8. Big Stock Photo. Credit-purchase site. $0.50-$1 commission per download. http://www.bigstockphoto.com

9. StockPhotoMedia. Swedish-based credit-purchase site. Commission 35% small, 45% medium, and 55% large images; 50% for illustrations. http://www .stockphotomedia.com

10. Gimmestock. Credit-purchase site. Images priced at $1, of which the photographer gets $0.50. http://www.gimmestock.com

11. Shuttermap. Credit-purchase site. Variable pricing based on resolution. 25% commission paid to the photographer. http://www.shuttermap.com

12. Can Stock Photo. Canadian-based credit purchase and subscription site. http://www.canstockphoto.com

13. Lucky Oliver. California-based "token" (credit) purchase site with a funky Web design. Basic royalty of 30%. http://www.iuckyoiiver.com

14. Albumo. New minimalist site. 50% plus commission. http://www.albumo .com

15. ScandinavianStockPhoto. Norwegian-based credit-purchase site, with Euro 1 commission per download. htp://www.scanstockphoto.com

16. Galastock. Registration for new photographers is closed, and my security program advised me to leave, so I did. http://www.galastock.com

17. Geckostock. Reasonably smart-looking UK-based site. Credit based; each credit £0.50, single use only. 50% commission for standard licenses, 60% for extended licenses. http://www.geckostock.co.uk

18. Moodboard. Separate searches for "Premium" royalty-free and "Quality" microstock. UK-based site owned by Mike Watson Images Limited. Launched July 2007. Looks to be an attempt to move microstock "upmarket." Prices start at £8, so maybe it's not a microstock after all. htp://www.moodboard.com

19. Cadmium. Another UK-based site. http://www.cadmium.co.uk

20. Featurepics. Single sale site with a generous 70% commission for photographers. Based in Fremont, California, USA. Sells images on both royalty free and rights managed terms, but the pricing is microstock based, even for rights managed images. http://www.featurepics.com

21. FotoMind. New credit purchase and subscription sale site. Various packages available. FotoMind is part of Firestorm srl, a Romanian software development company, and is based in Romania. It launched in August 2007. http://www .fotomind.com

22. Image Vortex. Single sale site. Prices set by photographers, from $20 to $300, so its borderline whether you regard this as a microstock site or not. Owned by Image Vortex LLC of Bradenton, Florida. 70% commission for photographers. http://www.imagevortex.com

23. thephotostorage. New credit purchase site. http://www.thephotostorage .com

24. MicroStockPhoto. It's all in the name. Fairly new single sale (credit package) site. Now run by Norwegian IT company ViaStep. 35% commission payable to the photographer. http://www.microstockphoto.com

25. USPhotostock. Credit purchase site. Commissions from 40%-50%. http:// www.usphotostock.com


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