7" Digital Frame SEUS0

7" Digital Frame with 128MB Internal Memory

7" Digital Frame with

1GB Internal Memory ■DJ701 S&QÊEP

Studio Flashes

Compact Studio Kit - HOWS

• 2x Flash Heatft J «2i Qujlity Standi

( ; ; • Set of FWeri (Hod. Mgg WhlK Blue & Green)

Studio 300 Lighting Kit -


Three heads & stands are the foundation of these popular sets. Included are a Bowens Softbox with 2 Bowens Silver/White Umbrellas & a pair of wide-angle reflectors designed to give a great degree of creative flexibility


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The perfect entry level two head kit for those new to photography, it provides all of the accessories you might need as you begin to learn the secrets & pleasures of studio flash, but is good enough to take your photography further

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