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Save tike date... Juna 13t(k 2009 Parí{ Canteras 1st year Anniversary

Soo ivoO for dotaißs visit us online at

Canon HG20 Kit

Store ov»f 22 hours of great-looking 1920*1080 Foil HD movies on the camcorder'» 60GB MOO. Eavty connect to an HO TV. upload ¡e to the wtrb, or burn movies to DVD or Blu-ray disc ur Price £669.00"^^;

High Definition Camcorders

MV40NLW £899.99

HG21 NEW £799-00

Legrla Hf S100 NEW £1.099.99

Le«ri« M 510 NEW £1.199.99 Legrta HF 20 NEW £979.99 UtC'i« HF 200 NfW £639 00

Canon dw-ioo

The DW-100 makes >t easy to cnMte DVDi Just connect a libit Canon camcorder, tetot your footage, th*n burn - In •h or Standard DeRnioon.

Our Price £669.00


^J (calls charged at Local Rates)

9 15X Opening times Mon-5»t 8^5-S:45p<n; Thursday 8:45-7.30pm; Sunday 10:15-4.30pm. Sunday tradln« b for tn-slwe only. Store address : York Road, Victoria Business Park. Burgess HHI, West Süsse* RH 15 9TT. ' Sw«tch/Maestro. iigufM k* Brackel» mdlcalas stock level held at unrepeauble prtcas at time of going to print. Ail products are UK stock. E&OC. ' » Please mention "Amateur Photographer' for thh ipeclal price

'School of Photography'

We offer regular courses, seminars and lectures catering for the needs of all photographers across a broad range of photographic disciplines. For a list of all the upcoming courses, and Information on our bespoke 1-2-1 training courses, please visit


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