wex pro

The digital film maker's camcorder - outstanding image quality and genuine versatility CANON HV30

SAVE £130

ImageMate MultiCard USB

12tn1 Reader £2999



NEW MS120 £249

Ultra-siim and compact memory camcordor with dual SD/SDHC card slot. KONICA MINOLTA LENS. 35« optical zoom. Laser Touch Operation and convenient 'One Touch" buttons.

NEW XR520 £1119

or E4flmth

Incredible record time, superlative picture quality and smart features. Full HD 1920 x 1080 video recording

HG20 £669

or £26rmn High Definition Camcordor features a dual-recording system.

HG21 £949 or C39mth

FSIO £295

or £12mtti Take the stylish, pockot-sized FS10 anywhere. Packed with features, store over 5 hours of video on 8Gb of internal Rash memory

FS100 £259 oi illmth

Photoshop CS4 (Mac/Pc)

Spend less Photoshop CS4 £559

lime in Ironl ol Photoshop CS4 EXT. £869

the computer Photoshop CS4 STUDENT and more lime C158.55

behind the lens. ( Photoshop CS4 Upgrades A

Lightroom 2 ^--tromE178 S9

Photoshop Elementa

Elements 6 0 £59.13

Secure Digital 2GB £13.99 4GB £16.99 8GB £28.99 16GB £54.99


Secure Digital 4GB £31.99 8GB £59.99 16GB £112.99

Compact Flash 4GB £33.99 8GB £54.99 16GB £84.99 32GB £199.99


Compact Flash 4GB £45.49 8GB £89.99

Cruzer Bock Up 8GB £24.99 16GB £44.99 32GB £89.99

150x Secure Digital 4GB £21.52 8GB £39.14

305x UDMA

1GB £26.42 2GB £34.24 4GB £46.97 8GB £86.12 16GB £117.44

I Pro 133x CF

UDMA 300x CF

SaiDisk ^


"ultra h

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