Skd Muslin Backgrounds

MOW IN 12 COLOURS! Super size 10 x 16ft also 10 x 20ft

M truest and richest I colours in BLACK, ft WHITE, CHROMA UHHB KEY GREEN & BLUE - from -JT68. SO each.

Mottled now in 8 colours 10 x 16ft -heavy muslin to our own design and specification machine washable Great Value! £68. SO each

£J Ellnchrom although other sizes can be adapted to fit. Once constructed, the holder clips easily onto the adaptor ring and can then be rotated to your cxact requirements. This also enables optimum use of graduated and special effect filters . 150.00 Starter Kit includes an assembled filter 1 holder, a 0.6 ND

is primarily desiqned to take 100mm filters.

NEW!! Crease resistant fabric in Black or White in size 8 x 10ft only £34.24

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