Lee Filters

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We carry hugo stocks of Lee Filters -if ltfs listed on the website -it's in stock! Example prices... B+W Kaseman 105 mm circ polar £210.00 B+W 105mm W/A hood £80.00

O Foundation Kit at the centre of the Lee Filter holder system and is primarily desiqned to take 100mm filters.

cloth, and a Coral 3

grad with an extended coloured portion that can be used as both a graduate and an all over warm up All packed in the new three filter triple pouch £133.00

Adaptor rings from £17.62

W/A adaptor rings from £34.25

ND grad sets from £137.99

Resin sets from £62.75

Ind resins from £38.00

Multi filter pouch £32.00

105mm polariser ring £30.49

Standard lens hood £79.06

Free delivery offer applies to LEE FILTER orders over £50

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