Keeping You In The Picture

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Canon Pixma MP620

A4 Multi-Functio4Arin\

fost end featune-i for creatw users t

Canon Pixma ¡P4600

A4 Printer

Superior prints end functionality for tine best in ¿orne photo end document prinrinq

A4 Printer

Hi-bef nitio" Ait AlHn-o^e photo printer; Mth fw

'after £20.00 cashbach H bought before 13.07.09

HP PhotoSmart C8180

A4 Printer

All-in-One Printer; ^corner. Copier

Canon Consumables

Canon Inks

BCI-6 Series from £9.99 Cll-8 Series from £10.99 PGI-9 Series from £11.99 CU-521 Series from £9.49

Canon Paper Glossy:

PP-201 A4 (20) PP-201 A3 (20) PR-201A4 (20) PR-201 A3 (20) PR-201 A3+ (10) Matte:

Epson Stylus R2880

A3+ Printer

Superior bleck & tvhite end colour photo printing

SRP £655.73 'after £100 cashbadc if bought

HP Photosmart Pro 9180

A3+ Printer

Print professional qutJity phototfoiphs (hat resist fading for generations

Epson Consumables

Epson Inks

Duck Inks from £7.99

Hummingbird from £8.99 Cheetah Inks from £9.99 Husky Inks from £11.99 Seahorse Inks from £12.10 Lily Inks from £12.65

Owl Inks from £13.99

Epson Paper


Glossy Photo 6"x4* (50) Glossy Photo 7"x5" (40) Glossy Photo A4 (20) Premium Glossy Photo 6"x4" (20) £6.99 Premium Glossy Photo 7"x5" (30)£11.99

Canon Pixma Pro 9000 Mark II

A3+ Printer

The professional-quthfy A4 photo printer enabling you to achieve better results, faster

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