Instruction To Your Bank Or Building Society

Pfasse pay IPC Meifia Lid.. Direct Debits from the account detailed on this instruction subject to the safeguards assured bv I fie Died Debit Guarantee. I understand that this ircl ruction remain with PC Me<J<i Lid. diii # so. detals will be passed electron *ca»,r to my tank«buiding societv-



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so they can contact you by telephone or poswittt regards to promccirgand researching their products and ser\ke> Please Ock toe If yoi prefer cuito tx- cuftx»1 . i PC whopubteh Amateur Phmaeracher wjld Ikeiosend messagestowiftnobiewirtioffersfiximcareMysei^ I I

research li^ihetrpro<l>asand<^^ if yuuwant^^ . | 10*- |



9 25% saving on the full subscription price 0 Free Bessel StudioLighting Reflector worth £19.99 B EASY Direct Debit instalments • In-depth, trusted reviews by top professionals

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Amateur Photographer Subscriptions, FREEPOST CY1061. Haywards Heath, West Sussex RH16 3BR.

(No stamp required)

subscription offer

Bessel Studio Lighting Reflector

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