Alternative Processes

Argyrotype Kit £44.83

Cyanotype Kit £36.89

Gum Bichromate Kit £43.36 Salt Printing Kit £48.74 Lith Printing Starter Kit £19.48 Liquid Emulsion LE30 500ml £38.86

LE301I £64,20

Toners & Dyes Palette Toner Kit £34.16

ST20 Sepia Toner 150ml £10.18 ST20 Sepia Toner 500ml £19.18 AD10 Antique Dye 100ml £6.06 RT20 Copper Toner 500ml £19.18 BT20 Blue Toner 500ml £19.18 SLT20 Selenium Toner 11 £18.10 AU20 Gold Toner 11 £25.93 Test Tube Toner Kit £10.76 DY15 Fotodyes 12x15ml £24.46 DY10 B&W Retouch Kit £13.90

llford Galerie Inkjet

Smooth Gloss or Pearl

61cm (24") Roll £106.00 Smooth Fine Art

Permajet Instant Dry

High Gloss or Oyster

A4 (100s) A3 (50s) A3+ (25s) A2 (25s) 61cm (24") Roll

Matt Plus

A3+ (25s) £22.50 All Prices INCLUDE VAT. Most cards welcome.

Free deliveiy for most of mainland UK on orders over £115 00. check when ordering

Wide range of llford, Kodak, Fotospeed, Permajet etc. available to buy online at


LASTOLITE Collapsible Reversible Backgrounds

6701 Black/White with train £179.99

WWTE VINYL ROLLS 2.75 x 6 metre on alloy tube 179 99

Hilite I Backgrounds from £215.99

Sm wob or ring foe drteils

LASTOLITE Cubelite, E-Photomaker

60cm Cubelite £79.99 90cm Cubelite £98.99 90cm Cubelite kit £314.99

E-Ptiotomaker kit small £44.99

E-Ptiotomaker kit large £71.99

LASTOLITE Triflector

Compact and easy to use. Triflector three panels on one lighting stand Hinge mechanisms make all panels individually adjustable to get light exactly where you need it. the Sunfireftilver version comes

Triflector without stand £107.99

Lastolite Baby poser £82.79

Lastolite Posing tubs £169.99

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