Ilford Lab Direct

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printing services to be won with Amateur Photographer and!

ILFORD Lab Direct is the new online black & white film and digital printing service from HARMAN technology, owners of the ILFORD PHOTO black & white business. This competition allows you to be the first to get your hands on a giant black & white print from the company's new Lightjet printing service.

At, customers will find access to real black & white printing from both film and digital files, so however you prefer to shoot your monochrome images you can still get true black & white prints with a consistent and neutral image tone that will last a lifetime.

All ILFORD Lab prints are made on true silver gelatin black & white photographic paper processed through monochrome chemistry. As a result, the prints exhibit no colour cast and have the strong blacks and the bright whites associated with traditional darkroom prints. If you're a digital photographer but still lust after real silver gelatin darkroom prints, this is what you've been looking for It is even possible to experiment with chemical toning of these prints.

1st £400 worth of ILFORD Lab Lightjet digital b&w prints up to 50x50in* 2nd £200 worth of ILFORD Lab Lightjet digital b&w prints up to 50x50in* 3rd £100 of digital or film b&w prints from up to 10xl5in*

+ 20 RUNNER-UP PRIZES - FREE black & white film process and prints or digital printing worth up to £15 each**

' ISIS SECOND PRIZES Stunning-quality real silver gelatin resin-coated black 5 while prints Irom digital files imaged on Oce lightjet. lightjet prizes can be made up of any combinations of Ihe following up to the total prize value, lightjet prints up lo SOxSOin - value £100 each lightjet prints up lo 50»40in - value £75 each lightjet prints up to 20*24in - value £40 eacti lightjet prints up lo Min - value £25 each


Real silver gelatin resin-coated black 8 while prints imaged on b8w Fuji Frontier. Blacks while prints tram film or digital files. Any combination of film or digital printing available on up to the total prize value

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