digital white balance filter Available from 58mm to 82mm. £47 95 to £76 33 UK POST FREE See our website for details

We are able to supply 3 head kits to your requirement with hard case on BX400 and FX400 Please website for details

Düte MK2 are now Fan Cooled

D Lite2 Mk 2. 200/200

SoftboxKit £424.95

D Lite4 Mk 2 400/400

SoftboxKit £485.99

Style 400/400 BX Set To Go . .£689.99 Style 400/400 FX Set To Go . . .£634.99 FX and BX 400 Kits - last chance to buy as both models are discontinued soon Set To Go rndudes 2jr flash heads. 2* standi, 2m umbntas. 60cm soft box. DVD guide. sync lead . cables. stand bag + head bag.

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