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Digital Shooting Tabic MKii

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Falcon Eyes introducing the new urn* compact Gomnl 200 A 400 The Genani 200 A 400

Bodduig on the considerable success of the Esprit Gam im rangt the lowens Gemini I range has added many addrtioiul and new features unavailable on the original Gemini features not available or the previous entiy Irwl Gtnwv IUH tank, xn out arnprotntsing on pni M dv IlMjh quality monolight system

Add vciwalty to your lighting Wt with the

Travel Pak Including High Capacity Battery. Charger and 3m Cable £559 Travel Pak Including Battery. Charger and 3m Cable £489

2 SOR Head SOOR Head 2S0/2S0 2 Head Kit 500/500 2 Head Kit 250/2SO Travelpak Kit 500/500 Travelpak Kit

£349 orCISMh £409 orCITimfc 1799 or UJmth 1949 or £39(Wh (1129 or £54mth £1349 V CSSrnh pulsar futfio Trigger wire-free photography Single Unit £127.23

TWtn Pack £224.12


5 Stop Power Range Auto tower Dump

SO0/5O0/S00 3 Head Kit £1449 or £59mth

Ringlrte Converter

200/200 Travelpak Kit 400/400 Travelpak Kit

Trilite DOT COM kit

Perfect for Film ft Digital Cameras

Lighting Effects Kits

Great value kits from the experts.

lack box contains all you need ta get fee light

IS bright

Portrait Ughting Kit Iffects lighting Kit Fashion Ughting Kit Advanced I loh ting Kit and grm « soh Bal-tmng light, perfeel for product shots, »till life A portraits

7 SO//SO Travelpak Kit vrrTTTTT

The new continuoos lighting solution

Colour TcmpiMdlure & flash Duration, an our website

\ Mew's lithiumi.uid«-. _ r __ view ihrra on our wrbtilr

Steve 'Aves Seminars

Read about the lad seminar er M « id about

Mull, Purpose Clamp £6.84 Super damp £12.71

110cm 5 in i Reflector £35 110cm 7-tn-1 Reflector £40



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