Copying White Balance from a Photograph

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To copy a value for white balance from a photograph on the memory card, display the white balance menu ^ 49) and follow the steps below:


White bal.


Dir. sunlight

* Flash


A Cloudy

ft». Shade

PRE Preset □

Highlight Preset.

Display options.
'To use white balance value for current photo, proceed to Step 11. If no photo is displayed, preset white balance will be set to 5,200 K (Dir. sunlight).
Highlight Select image.
Display folder list.

NCD70 _


Display images in selected folder.

Highlight folder.

Display images in selected folder.


+ Images displayed may include those created by other cameras, but only photographs created with D70 can be used as source for preset white balance.

Highlight This image.

1? White bal

Optimize imaged Long exp. NR Image quality Image size w

1? White bal

Set preset white balance to value for selected photograph.*

+ To select different photo, repeat steps 5-12.

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