£3 Mathew Thottungal

What interests you about photographing personalities? Secondly, how would you describe your style and approach?

The uniqueness that every single personality comes with is amazing. Exploring what makes them different in the core is like a journey. I do not really have description of my style, but I would love to be voyeur and disappear in front of my subject, and just capture beautiful images of them.

Obviously you've photographed a lot of leading artistes and celebrities. In your opinion, who qualifies as your most favorite and the most reluctant artiste to be photographed and why?

I have my favorites, especially the ones who have amazing characters and an aura surrounding them. It all comes through the lens. Photographing is truly capturing a part of your soul. Now artists do not shy away from being photographed, just that certain circumstances that make things difficult at times. We do what we do to have a good time, otherwise we would have been bankers. But we are often restricted by certain parameters our clients expect us to follow, and 90 percent of the time they are quite ridiculous. But, there are certain boundaries in commercial photography today, and we are forced to make compromises, even though we may be a little reluctant about it.

£3 Mathew Thottungal

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