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Some Suggestions For SP

Dear Sir,

As usual i love every issue o Smart Photography. The reason I love it is because I have come to know about good sports photographers in the country from your last issue dated March 2011. In fact, I always learn something new from the 'Learnings' section even today But I have something in my mind which I would love to share with you. The suggestion is that if you feature people while they are shooting, something like 'On Assignment! specially commercial photographer, with there setup, production and final output, it would make a good beginning. I am sure that all the budding photographers would love the magazine even more because there is hardly any magazine in India or overseas which publishes this information.

In addition, information about the nearest dealer network and product information with regard to purchasing new equipment is a big task for both the amateur and the professional photographers. It would be worthwhile if SPwould undertake to offer such information it would help the photographic community at large to make an informed choice when it comes to purchasing the right equipment.

AtulPratap Chauhan, N.Delhi

Picture Speaks More Than Words!

Dear Editor,

I refer to the Cricket Special - 'Pitching the perfect Shot' and Showcase To master blaster with love' (Smart Photography dated March 2011) when I say that the 'junoon' of cricket in India is something unbelievable. The fact that when cricket is on, all other activity comes to a standstill with all and sundry wanting to enjoy watching the matches on television. But how many actually realize the fact that the real backbone of all the thrill and enjoyment is the cameraman -who constantly keeps the real interest going by focusing on the perfect shot or action all the time. With technology coming to the fore in umpiring decisions too even referrals enable the umpire to make the correct decisions to the delight of both the spectators and viewers at large. However, it goes without saying that photography is like a computer without which no business/profession can flourish really well1 The fact that all of us needs good photographs not only for personal use -but also to preserve sweet memories especially in case of important events like Weddings, Birthdays etc. Even on websites the relevant photographs enhances the utility quotient all the more. Visuals add value to advertisements in order to convey the right message across the board. In the same way, Smart Photography magazine is a useful and informative resource. One cannot hire a professional photographer at all times, and magazines like Smart Photography are a good resource to not only learn the basics but also put the basics into practice.

Mahesh Kumar, New Delhi E-Mail: [email protected]

Happy Anniversary to SP

Dear Editor,

I am very happy to learn that Smart Photography will be celebrating 6 years of publication in April 20; 1 In fact, this successful journey is the result of all the dedicated, honest and above all the non-bias approach of the entire editorial team. I would like to elaborate some facts why I consider SP as a great source of information:

* SP has time and again given the right exposure to all the creative artists and mind you from all across the country, which is indeed praiseworthy. Interestingly, by featuring all the art-lovers from different regions it not only helps to encourage talent but also helps to improve the circulation and reach of the magazine as well.

* Secondly, all the tests of photographic equipment done by 5Pare absolutely impartial. This fact is based on my conversation with my friends (professional and amateur photographers alike) who have confirmed this fact This undoubtedly is a good indicator about the public perception of the magazine amongst its readers. Getting accurate information and knowledge regarding equipment is very pertinent to photo-lovers..

* Finally, SPs focus on learning section is another resource area, which takes this magazine to a higher level. This is because even experienced photographers rarely impart knowledge to beginners, as dedicatedly as 5Pdoes month after month. I wish all the members of Smart Photography a Happy Anniversary.

Dr. Pankaj Sharma, BareiUy (UP)


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