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Nikon Camera Control Pro 2


Some camera manufacturers provide dedicated software to control their cameras remotely, so that the images can be viewed on a larger LCD in real time. The Camera Control Pro is Nikon's own software that can control most Nikon D-SLRs. The new version 2 of the software is upgraded to include Live View and movie functionality, which are now standard features on all new Nikon D-SLRs.

The Nikon Camera Control Pro 2 allows you to remotely control almost all functions that are available on the camera (See box below). Tins is particularly useful for studio applications where looking through the viewfinder and viewing the images on a the camera's small LCD can prove to be tedious. In addition to this, images get automatically transferred to your computer without the help of a memory card reader. With Camera Control Pro, you can view the images on your computer screen immediately after it has been captured if you have the View NX software installed on your computer.

Functions that can be controlled by Camera Control Pro 2

As mentioned above, Camera Control

Pro 2 can control almost all functions of the camera remotely through the built-in menus. So what functions can you control using the software? A simple answer would be that you can control any function that can be accessed using a button or a menu. If any function requires you to rotate a dial or toggle a switch, it cannot be controlled through Camera

Control Pro 2 interface. For example, the D300 features a Mode button to change the shooting mode (P, S, A, M, etc.), while the D80 features a Mode dial that has to be rotated to change the shooting mode. Hence if a D300 is connected using Camera Control Pro

2, you can change the shooting modes remotely, but if you connect a D80

using the software, you have to manually change the shooting modes. Apart from the shooting functions, the software also allows you to edit Picture Styles and other such custom settings. V_-

Connecting the Camera

Make sure the camera is turned off before connecting it to the computer. Also ensure that you choose the appropriate connection mode. If you are connecting a D-series camera (D1, D1X, D1H), select the 'PC' mode. Use the interface cable to connect the camera to the computer. If you are connecting a D100, you need to choose P, S, A or M mode, while D3, D2-series, D300 and D200 can be connected in any mode other than M-up (Mirror up mode).

Turn the camera 'On' lr the Auto Play dialog appears, select the Camera Control Pro option. If not, double-click the Camera Control Pro 2 shortcut on the desktop to open the software. If the camera is connected properly, Camera Control Pro window will open, displaying the various preset settings on the camera. Now you are ready to control the camera using the Camera Control Pro 2. If the software fails to detect the camera, the settings will not be visible, and you need to reconnect the device. The appearance of the interface will depend on the connected camera.

To be able to automatically download images to your computer, you need to specify the folder to be used. This can be done using the Download Options in the Tools menu. Further, it allows you to specify what action to take on receiving new photographs from the camera. Accordingly, there are four options (provided all the required software are installed)—'Do nothing', 'Show it with viewer) 'Show it with ViewNX) and 'Send it to Capture NX watched folder'. You can see the histogram of the captured image and judge the exposure as and when it is received by the computer.

You can set the camera for time-lapse photography using Camera Control Pro 2. In the dialog box for time-lapse photography, you can specify the number of images to shoot and the interval between the shots. You can also set auto bracketing option if required. It also provides the option to perform autofocus before each shot. If you do not want to specify the number of images, you can set the camera to keep shooting till you cancel the operation. If the camera has Live View feature, Camera Control Pro 2 will provide you with a live preview of the scene, though in this mode, you will not be able to control the camera functions.

Camera Control Pro 2 receives automatic updates through Nikon Message Center if your computer is connected to the Internet.

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