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Fujifilm Debuts Wideangle

Medium-format Film Camera

A 120/220 roll film is used and the camera takes 10 or 20 frames in 6 x 7cm size and 1 2 or 24 frames in 6 x 6cm size. Film speed (IS025-3200) is set manually in 1/3-step increments.

Its predecessor, the GF670 Professional was a folding camera with bellows equipped with 80mm lens (45mm equivalent), and the new GF670W is more like a 35mm film camera without the folding mechanism and bellows that works more swiftly.

Fujifilm announced a new wide-angle model of a medium-format film camera, the GF670W Professional. This new model to expected to sell for around 275K yen (US$3,230).

Focusing is manually done with a split image rangefinder and the shutter provides speed from 4 to 1/500sec. Exposure is set with aperture priority AE or manual and aperture and shutter speed may easily be set with control rings on the lens barrel. A CR2 (3V) Li-ion battery powers the camera. The GF670W is said to be available on the home market from March 23.

Leaf releases Leaf Capture 11.4.5

Leaf Imaging announced the release of Leaf Capture 11.4.5 which includes support for tethered and portable Leaf SensorFlex technology for Leaf Aptus-ll 12R, Leaf Aptus-ll 12 and for the Leaf Aptus-ll 12 for AF1/HY6. The version also enables Leaf Capture support for the Leaf Aptus-ll 12 for AF1/HY6.

Leaf SensorFlex technology enables photographers to crop on the fly and cut down on a given file size by using only part of the CCD sensor. Using pre-defined dimensions, SensorFlex automatically crops the margins around the captures to preserve full image quality and pixel integrity.

The latest version of Leaf Capture now empowers photographers of all Aptus-ll 12 digital backs to match image dimensions to the requirements of each specific shot.

Pentax unveils Optio SI

Pentax Imaging Company announced the Pentax Optio S1 digital compact camera with advanced, easy-to-use features and an eye-catching, gem-like rnish.

The ultra-compact Optio SI features a 5X optical zoom lens covering focal lengths from 5mm to 25mm (equivalent in the 35mm format to approximately 28mm wide angle to 140mm telephoto) that may be used for a wide variety of subjects and scenes including landscapes, architecture, group portraits in confined spaces, and tightly cropped snapshots taken from a distance.

With an exceptional image resolution of 14 effective megapixels, an advanced imaging engine with a high-performance, a Pentax zoom lens and a mechanical Shake Reduction (SR) system, the Optio SI delivers brilliant, high-quality images with well-defined details even when enlarged to poster size

Samsung's latest SH100 gets savvy

Samsung Electronics Co. of South Korea announced a new compact digital camera that is capable of directly uploading pictures/video clips to SNS sites such as YouTube and Facebook.

The new 'SHI00', allows the user to directly transmit pictures and video clips to SNS and personal blogs when the camera is used in an area where free wireless networks are available.

Also, the camera can be remotely controlled with a function called the 'Remote View Finder'.

The Smart Access Ul lets the users to control a range of camera features including taking a picture while viewing the preview on a smart phone and adjusting the zoom, etc. The camera is equipped with a 14.2-MP CCD image sensor, a 3-inch LCD monitor, and an optical 5x zoom lens. The camera costs approximately USS248

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