Digital Gflnvwaa & Aceeaaonea .81

PHOTO Film, Dilrkrocxri, FilLera. Books £ Tapes „..^71

Point & Shcxîi Cameraa 72


reitcK a professional sales MU I wRW i«iassoc:ate in our Order Department tç> assst you with your specific needs, TNs feature win speed yew Wirough the «nifoririation arwi ordering process, making your communIcalions with B&H a more pleasurable experience. Simply look over the chart below to see the QuickDia^ codes for each department Ca/I B&H, than dial the corrBSponding departmem code at any time during our welcome message, to ingtanlfy connect you to the departmeni you need.

Underwater Equipment____________„T& PRO AUDIO MENU

Blnoculare & Teleacopes ____,_________77 Video Rolaiod Audio ,91

Light Ing Equipment______7B Port BiO « AwiO ^ . 9*

HOME eMTERTAfMMfUT Kvyi^ards, PA H DJ Equip. .. . 93

Home Theater - 811 Studio Reooidt«^ Equipment,

VCR'S, DVD's & TVs .. 413 Campuiia Hbirdwofo & SaHware 92

videO/MON LiffEAfl uscd equipment

Consumer Camoorders______________-813 Buy Used Photo „43

Pwriesslona' Wdoa Equip_______________8ttl Buv Llsed VJdeo______________________

LiQWing Equipment __________822 SelliTfetle Used Photft_______________

CompiitBr Video.,.,, 831 Se!l>Trade Used Video

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