Captureview Digital Binoculars

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CJWolity. high priKisJOn fiçid binoculars designed for tho serious observer They Feature Meade's legendary optici.. Kestrel cfoo I feafljres hiqh-gpode op cal glass and njfty muli coaled, bo'adband optici which ore gurantoed ta provide a sharp, crisp, detail-rkh image. Close fecus up to 4 feet mcie ihem perfect for serious birders and nalure observers

They Ore also Fogpruof, weili-pioaf, and rugged.

Take dbgitai images or video dips. Use the axdusive Flashback ^ feature la so« the last 5.. IQ, 15, or 20 me podï ci Oiy nççprdîng. ihcn wiçw gi iiilunt replçry pf -what 'fOJ recorded. Pick up o capiureview lor ihe boater, bird watcher, sports fan or outdoor enfTusiasJ in your life. Meade features, a hill line of captureview modeli Par almas« every eoMumer UHi. Moade irUrpdyçin il> NfW-waterproof mocW-lh«: firtfand oniy wntçr-proof digital camera ¡binocular.

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