Atx 242af 24200mm F35s6

Th? fnt ws ® start a: 24mm and room al the *ay to 200mm. and s arrertly the wndestMom A range ava abl? ™ start ng at 24mm

AT-X 280AF PRO 28-80MM F/2.8

CcTótnjcedwn hi^iqualtyopCO glass multicoated

SP AF11-18MM F/4.5-5.6 Ol II 10 ASPHERICAL (IF)

Super wide-angle zoom lens

Designed for exclusive use on Agitai cameras


Vtt#i two Asaterica lens elements and one SO (s jDer low

• 3221 black silhouette «pod with 3030 lightweight 3-way pan head w'quidt release

• Custom Insulation Foam leg

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