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Stilus 1050 SW


Stilus 1050 SW



Cold Weather Companion

Underwater housing and sturdy camera strap aside, you probably hesitate to take your camera down the slopes with you in winter. Fret no more! The 10.1 MP Olympus Stylus 1050 SW is freezeproof (down to 14 degrees), waterproof (down to 10 feet), and shockproof. HOT: Tap Control feature lets you operate picture playback, shadow adjustment, and flash by touching the top, back, and sides of the camera in shooting mode, even when wearing gloves. NOT: Planning a big day out? Pack an extra Li-ion battery—one will last just 200 shots.

Frequent Flyer

$270, street ■ Keeping luggage within air travel restrictions around the world can be a daunting task. Tenba has simplified it with its Roadie Universal Photo Roller, sized to meet stringent overhead compartment standards in parts of Africa, Asia, and South America. The hard-walled photo case is small enough to be carried on, but large enough to hold a full kit. HOT: Extra strong walls of honeycombed, high-impact plastic. Removable divider insert that converts bag to conventional luggage. NOT: Minimal padding on laptop compartment. No customized pockets for smaller items.

Back Me Up

$50-$70, direct ■ www.rentsceriicbaekgrounds,com Portrait backgrounds are useful, but problematic: They don't come cheap, and once you've bought them, you have to store them. If you own just one or two backdrops, every portrait you shoot has the same look. Solution? F.J.

Westcott's studio backdrop rental service. HOT: For $50 to $70 (depending on the size), they will mail you any of 100-plus scenic, abstract, or decorative portrait backdrops to use for one week. When the week is up, you send it back in the postage-paid envelope—or buy it for around $150. NOT: Renting new backdrops week after week at 50 bucks a pop can become a very expensive habit.

Get over the death of

Polaroid's instant camera with Fujifilm's new Instax 200 instant film camera ($70, estimated street) and Instax Instant Color Film ($29, estimated street, for a

Learn on the go with a pocket-sized ring of plastic-coated Photo Cheatsheets, with tips and tricks for common shooting situations for various types of cameras. ($25-$35, direct;

Keep your hands free to bike, snowshoe, ski, hike, or do any other activity. Strap your camera to your body with the Keyhole Hands-Free Camera Harness and you're ready to explore. ($30, direct; www.

Double your fun with the Blackbird, a new 35mm twin-reflex plastic camera that comes in three colors. Buying it online at the International Center of Photography, too. ($135, street)

Wear your photos, make them into a pillow, or just get creative using custom fabric printed with your images by Spoonflower. ($18 per yard, direct; www.spoQnflQwe.LC.Qm) ©

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