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Ken Milburn has been consulting on and writing about computer-based graphics, design, and multimedia since 1981. He has been a contributing editor to the Microsoft MSN-PictureIt! Site, and has written 22 computer books in the past five years.

Ken's photographs have appeared in TV Guide, Look Magazine, and The Los Angeles Sunday Times Magazine, as well as in advertisements for Southern California Gas, Cole of California, Universal Pictures, Capitol Records, Strega Liqueur, and the Fluer Corporation.

Today, Ken specializes in the composition and manipulation of digitized images for the purposes of fine art and illustration. His work originates as photographs and he then uses computers to abstract them. Design Graphics Magazine has featured Ken's work in full color in two separate issues. Computer Artist and Digital Video Magazine have also featured his work. Ken created the poster for the 1998 Sausalito Arts Festival; his work has been featured in the 1999 American President Lines calendar, on book and record album covers, and in nine one-man shows around the San Francisco Bay Area.

The primary software tools Ken uses in the creation of his work are Adobe Photoshop, Corel Painter, Live Picture, Studio Artist, Deep Paint, Kai's Power Tools, Xaos Paint Alchemy, and numerous third-party Photoshop-compatible plug-in effects.

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Digital Camera and Digital Photography

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