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In 1959 the Olympus PEN revolutionised photography. 50 years later we have done it again. The new Olympus PEN delivers SLR power with compact size and simplicity by doing away with the mirror box. A set of interchangeable lenses and an adapter for E-System lenses offer you more creative freedom. Art Filters, variable aspect ratios and multi-exposure make your photos unique while HD movie and stereo sound allows artistic film-making with SLR picture quality. You can even use the art filters in movie mode. Add to that 12.3 Megapixels, 3fps, image stabilisation with 4 EV steps, and AF Live View for real-time effect and you start to get just a hint of the creative power available in the palm of your hand. The new Olympus PEN - yet another Olympus revolution.


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Analysis Comment PhotoDiary 12/9/09

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Analysis Comment PhotoDiary 12/9/09

The ful-frame Alpha 850 is expected to cost nearly £500less than the one-year-old Alpha 900

New Sony DSLR, page 6

Semi-pro digital SLR out next month New 18MP sensor and new AF

Canon reveals EOS 7D digital SLR

CANON has announced the EOS 7D, a mid-range digital SLR featuring a new 18-million-pixel CMOS imaging sensor (APS-C size) and eight frames per second shooting.

The Live View-equipped 7D will cost £1,699.99 and is due to arrive in October.

Features include a Full HD movie (1920x1080-pixel) option and equivalent ISO sensitivity expandable to ISO 12,800

Dual Digic 4 processors are designed to enable 'more advanced algorithms' to be used to achieve 8fps at the full18MP resolution.

Canon adds that the newcomer's magnesium-alloy body boasts dust and moisture resistance on a par with the EOS-IN 35mm film camera.

The company says it has 'completely redesigned' the autofocus system to include a separate processor to handle AF calculations. 'This, along with Al Servo II AF, enables the EOS7Dto offer accurate, reliable and continuous shooting at 8fps: claimed a spokesman,

adding that all 19 AF points are of the 'cross-type' kind.

The new imaging sensor features 'condensed circuitry', yet with 'improved sensitivity', according to Canon, which claims to have increased the capacity of the photodiodes and used 'gapless microlenses' that have been moved closer to them.

The 3in LCD screen has a resolution of 920,00 dots and a claimed viewing angle of 160'.

Also on board is spot AF, a new mode that uses a smaller area of the sensor to determine focus, says

Sigma SD15 launch date unclear

SIGMA is gearing up to launch its latest digital SLR, the SD15, but it is still unclear when it will be released onto the market.

The SD15 will house the samel4-million-pixel Foveon X3 imaging sensor that is employed in Sigma's current SD14 model.

It will incorporate a new True II image processing engine and 3in LCD monitor

The camera had been due for launch this summer following a modification to the processor.

However, when asked when we can expect it in the shops a Sigma Imaging UK

the firm. 'This is useful for small objects where there is background detail that can distract the AF sensor,' explained a spokesperson.

The 7D also includes zone AF, allowing photographers to ensure their subject is 'automatically' selected, by limiting automatic AF selection to 'one of five zones'

The user can customise autofocus settings. Different AF points can be set for vertical or horizontal orientation, for example, allowing photographers to 'switch between landscape and portrait shots without spokesman said he was not yet aware of the launch date. We understand that the camera's manual is yet to be printed.

Sigma confirmed the upcoming launch of the camera at last year's photokina trade show in Germany when a spokesman said: 'Photographers expressed a desire to incorporate the True image processing engine - which touching a button'.

The camera also houses a new metering system that includes Focus Colour Luminance - technology designed to measure focus, colour and luminance across 63 zones.

The 'dual layer' metering sensor aims to tackle overexposure caused by it being more sensitive to red subjects 'The dual-layer sensor has one layer sensitive to red and green light, and one that is sensitive to blue and green light,' explained the firm. 'The metering algorithm then compares the level of the two layers and adjusts the meter reading accordingly.'

The camera's viewfinder features a new 'Transmissive LCD' that can be illuminated on demand in low light to show the grid, spot metering and AF points superimposed.

Meanwhile, a Dual-Axis Electronic Level, displayed in the viewfinder and on the LCD monitor, should ensure level horizons when capturing landscape shots.

Canon has also announced three new lenses, details of which will appear next week.

is used in the DPI - into a digital SLR camera.

'In order to meet this demand, the SD15 - with high-resolution direct image sensor - has been designed around the new True II image-processing engine.

'This combination delivers superior image quality as well as improved processing speed, operation and performance.'

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