What Happens During The Import

Depending on the type of import you're doing and the options you've selected, Lightroom will read each of the files in the selected folder(s), copy the files if directed to do so, create records in the catalog and builds previews for all the photos in the import.

As soon as you begin the import, the Import screen closes and the Library module loads with the Current Import image source selected. Photo thumbnails begin appearing in Grid view immediately as each file is imported.

When the top panel is visible, the progress indicator at left displays the approximate amount of processing remaining in each stage of the import, along with messages describing the current operation in progress; see Figure 2-8.

Import files at their current location

Figure 2-8

Folders get added too

When you import a batch of photos, the folder that contains them is also entered into the catalog and is listed in the Folders panel in Library (see Chapter 3).

Stopping an import in progress

If you start an import and realize you made a mistake or change your mind about something, it's often best to let the import finish and clean up after-the-fact. Stopping an import in progress increases the likelihood of bad data in the Lightroom catalog (especially if Lightroom crashes while trying to stop the import) and brings into question the accuracy and completeness of the files in subsequent imports.

For these reasons I believe you should be conservative with the number of files you attempt to import in one batch, especially when you're just starting out with Lightroom.

If you do decide to stop an import in progress, click the X next to the progress indicator in the Library module. After clicking once, wait for Lightroom to finish what it's doing, then remove the incorrectly imported files from the catalog and optionally delete any unwanted files from disk. (See Chapter 3 for information about removing/deleting files.)

Most importantly, if you're doing an import and the Lightroom application seems to freeze, or "hang", be patient. Don't force-quit Lightroom, or click anywhere on the screen during this time. Most often, Lightroom can recover from temporary memory issues. If you ever force-quit Lightroom, for any reason, you increase the possibility of corrupting your catalog.

You can start working right away

You can begin working on photos as soon as they appear in the Library Grid view. You don't have to wait for the entire import to complete in order to start editing and/or processing any photos that are already in the catalog. You can also switch from the Current Import source to another image source, or to any other module, while an import is in progress.

Completion sounds

In Lightroom's Preferences, under the Lightroom menu on Mac and the Edit menu on Windows, look on the General tab. About halfway down the middle of the dialog box (see Figure 2-x) are options to set a Completion Sound to play when Lightroom is done importing (or exporting) files. I find this to be a useful feature.

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