Using Lightroom with multiple computers

Lightroom 3 does not offer support for opening catalogs over a network. If you need to work with a catalog on multiple computers, your best option is to use a portable external drive and simply connect the drive to different computers as needed. In this case, to make things easier you'll probably want to include both the catalog file(s) and the image files on the same drive.

If you're moving the drive between Mac and Windows machines you'll need to use special procedures due to the difference in file systems support on the two platforms. Either format the drive as FAT32 prior to loading your files (which imposes limitations on file size that could affect the Lightroom catalog and previews package), or use specialized utility software (available for both Mac and Windows) that allows reading volumes formatted with non-native file systems.

When you're using multiple installations of Lightroom to work with catalogs on different machines, make sure all installations of Lightroom are running the same version.

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