Use the arrow keys to move between images

In the Library Grid you can move left, right, up and down to select images with your arrow keys. At all other times (and in other modules) use just the left and right arrows to select the next/previous images shown in the Filmstrip.

As you go through your edit, you can switch to Loupe, Compare or Survey views as needed to evaluate larger previews or compare multiple images. We'll look at those in a bit. Also, sometimes you'll want to do some processing to make a decision about how to rate an image. With Lightroom you can make quick adjustments to photos as you edit the shoot. You can use the controls on Library's Quick Develop panel to quickly process multiple photos during editing. If needed, apply Quick Develop adjustments to help you make editing decisions... but don't get too mired in processing at this point. We're just picking our favorite shots.

Undo the last step. Repeat the keystroke to go as far back as necessary.

S+Shift+Z or Crtl+Shift+Z

Redo steps

Selects all the images visible in the current source, then saves all Lightroom metadata to the files on disk

When you're done with the first pass, Save Metadata to File, then apply a filter to show photos with one star only; see Figure 3-2. You can also Delete Rejects at this point, which is explained later in this chapter. If you edit your work tightly, this may be as far as you need to go in the editing process, and you can begin processing your selects in the Develop module.

And during all editing, remember that you can always undo and redo steps!

Figure 3-2
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