Uploading Your Web Gallery To A Server

When you've got your gallery set up the way you want, you can use Lightroom to upload the entire gallery to your Web server. Lightroom will render all the files for the gallery and then put them on the server using the account settings and directory locations you specify.

To do this you need to have a Web site/domain already set up, and have ftp access to the Web server. You'll also need to know a few things about the way the files and folders are structured on the server. If you're going to be publishing your own Web galleries to your own hosting account, I strongly recommend that you first understand the basics of Web hosting, hyperlinks and ftp file transfers.

With innumerable variables related to the setup and configuration of Web hosting servers, I can't possibly cover every scenario here. However, there are many settings and procedures that will apply in all cases.

FTP Server :

Upload Settings y

New FTP Preset

Upload Settings panel

To upload files to a server, you need to first enter the FTP server and Subfolder information in the Upload Settings panel (see Figure 7-17).

FTP Server

Tfc first and most important Figure 7-17

configuration settings to make are those for the ftp s erver. From the popup menu, select Edit... to open the Configure ftp File T ransfer window.

Full Path :

Configure ftp Rie Transfer

Preset: New FTP Preset

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