Synchronizing Folders

If you've made changes to the contents of a folder outside Lightroom, such as adding or removing images, renaming files, etc., you can synchronize the folder in Lightroom. Synchronize Folder compares what's in the catalog with the contents of the folder on disk and allows you to update the catalog accordingly. For example, if you use Adobe Bridge, Adobe Camera Raw,

Create Folder Inside "Massachusens_0410"...

Rename... Remove... Add Parent Folder

Save Metadata putjli Synrhmri7P Fniripr .

update Folder Location...

Import into this Folder... Export this Folder as a Catalog...

Show m Under Cet Info

Figure 3-16

Photoshop or Elements to edit photos outside the Lightroom catalog, you'll need to synchronize them in Lightroom when you're done.

Control+Click or right-click on the folder name

Choose "Synchronize Folder..." from the contextual menu (see Figure 3-16) to open the Import window where you can see previews of the changed to be made during the sync. Also, and maybe more importantly, metadata entries remaining from your Previous Import, such as keywords and copyright notice, can be inadvertently applied to photos added to the catalog during the sync process. Check those fields before executing the sync. Press Return or Enter to sync the Folder.

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