Show Photos in Subfolders

When the Show Photos in Subfolders menu option is active (see Figure 3-9), selecting a folder in the Folders panel will show its contents and also the contents of any subfolders it contains. You can also enable or disable this option from the menu that appears when you click the + button on the panel header.

Though this is the default condition, depending on your folder structure, this may be neither necessary nor desirable. For one thing, showing all the contents of subfolders can slow Lightroom's performance as it reads and makes previews for the many files in the subfolders.

With the Show Photos in Subfolders option turned off, selecting a folder will only show the contents of that folder and not of the subfolders. This can dramatically improve performance and give you a more accurate read on the contents of individual folders. But a potential drawback to doing this is that the file counts of parent folders are also affected (see Figure 3-10). For this reason, I normally work with Show Photos in Subfolders on, and turn it off temporarily when appropriate.

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