Show import dialog when a memory card is detected

This setting, in Lightroom Preferences^General (moved to the General tab in v3; see Figure 2-20 on previous page), is intended to automatically open Lightroom's import screen when you insert a memory card or connect a camera directly to your computer. However, this can be overridden by your operating system and other programs may also get in the way. If you want to use this feature you might need to change your system settings. On OS X, use the Image Capture application preferences and specify Lightroom as the application to launch when a memory card is loaded. On Windows, in the Autoplay control panel, choose Import using Lightroom and check the box for Do This Every Time.

3. With the card mounted and Lightroom Import screen showing, in the top panel and Sources, you'll see the memory card listed (see Figure 2-21). Lightroom is usually very good at finding the subdirectory containing the photos. If not, navigate to the folder containing the image files on the card.

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4. Eject after import: checking this box (see Figure 2-21) will do a safe removal of the media when the import has completed, so you can pull the card out of the reader immediately. Entirely optional.

5. Also optionally, make selections from the thumbnails. Thum bnails with the checkbox ticked will be imported; those unchecked will not. This is detailed in the previous section about importing from a hard drive.

To import everything from the card, leave all the thumbnails checked. (I usually import all the images from a shoot because I want to avoid making editing decisions during import. The exceptions are obviously bad captures—blurry shots of my foot, for example—whose thumbnails I would uncheck.

Scroll through the thumbnails to be sure of what you're importing.

By default, the file handling in the top panel will be set to Copy (see Figure 2-21). You can change it to Copy as dng, w hich is what I prefer and is explained in the next section.

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