Selecting A Template And Layout Style

To make a Web gallery, you'll first choose a template (or Layout Style) and then customize it to your liking. Whenever you switch to the Web module, the most-recently used settings are loaded for you.

Let's take a closer look at the relationship between Layout Styles and templates.

In Lightroom, a Web Layout Style (historically called the "Layout Engine") determines the layout and format to be used for the gallery. Different Layout Styles will offer different options. Lightroom comes with some preinstalled Flash and plain ht ml layouts, which as their names imply, will use different programming technologies to construct and display your gallery.

Templates are listed in the Template Browser panel (see Figure 7-4) and are used to store presaved settings. By default, the templates you see in the Template Browser are from Lightroom's built-in ht ml and Flash Layout Styles. Lightroom 3 comes with a whole bunch of new built-in templates. (After you've customized a Layout Style, you'll want to save your own template for later use, which we'll cover later in this chapter.)

Use: Selected Photos

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Figure 7-3

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@ Clean

Oean - HTML Dark Poppy beed ';f£j Dork Poppy 5ced HTML

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;ii Eari Grey

¡H Earthy-HTML

l£ia Exif metadata iHj Fldbii ydllery (default)

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