Resetting adjustments

There will be times when you want to remove Lightroom adjustments from one or more photos. Resetting restores the default settings and removes any settings you've applied since the photo was imported (excluding any Develop presets applied during import, which would remain).

S+Shift+R or Ctrl+Shift+R

Reset all the adjustments on selected photo(s)

Resetting a virtual copy will revert its settings back to those in effect at the time it was created.

Resetting is undoable. Like most everything else in Lightroom, if you Reset a photo and then change your mind, simply Undo it (S+Z or Ctrl+Z).

There are several options for resetting some or all adjustments applied to a photo:

• Reset an adjustment slider by double-clicking its name;

Histogram A

Basic Tone Curve -M H5L / Color / B&W -4 Split Toning -u Detail Lens Corrections

Effects :! Camera Caiibration

Previous Reset

Toggle before/ after in the main preview

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