Printing the job to your own printer

Click the Print button at the bottom of the right panel group (see Figure 6-41). The printer driver dialog box appears. Because printer driver dialog boxes vary in the extreme, I can't go into further detail on this here, but general settings to check include paper size, media type and color management settings. I've included screenshots for Epson 9800 on Mac and Canon ipf6100 on Windows (see Figure 6-42 and 6-43); consult your printer documentation for more about its specific settings.

Apply the appropriate settings for the print job. If you're using Lightroom's color management, you need to take special precautions to make sure that color management is completely turned off in the printer driver. The vast majority of color problems on prints are due to "double color management". Depending on your printer and driver software, this will be found in different places. While working in the dialog boxes, most printer drivers allow you to save

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Print to :

Printer •

Draft Mode Printing

ífi^Print Resolution

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ííV^JPrint Sharpening :

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Media Type :

Glossy -

16 Bit Output

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