Printing photos from Lightroom

I believe a photograph is never truly finished until it's printed. You can make all the Web galleries you want, present slideshows, share photos by email. but for generations, the intrinsic nature of viewing a photograph has meant viewing a print.

Making your own prints

With the recent advances in affordable inkjet printers, many photographers are now making their own high quality prints. If you've been printing your own work using

Switch to the Print module other software, I think you'll find Lightroom's solutions elegant and powerful. If you've been wanting to print for yourself but have been holding off, I encourage you to take the leap. Making a final print from your photo is one of the most rewarding aspects of photography, and Lightroom gives you all the control you need to make great prints yourself.

Having someone else make your prints

Many photographers, including seasoned pros, have perfectly valid reasons to send the bulk of their digital images to a lab or other service provider for printing. Lightroom can assist with this by giving you complete control for setting up the final files that you will provide to the lab. One of the most essential features of Lightroom's Print module is the ability to lay out all kinds of different print jobs. You can use Lightroom to set up contact sheets and proofs, picture packages containing prints at various sizes, and fine art enlargements.

Like everything else in Lightroom, printing takes some getting used to. Lightroom's printing procedures are very different from those of other software. But regardless of whether you're making your own prints or having a lab do it, setting up your prints in Lightroom is faster, easier and offers more capabilities than ever before.

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