Previewing The Web Gallery

Though we've only worked through half of the panel settings, I want to switch gears and talk briefly about previewing your gallery. You've already been doing this; as you make changes to the settings you see the gallery preview continually updated in the main preview area. There will be times when you need to force Lightroom to make a new preview, or to preview the Web gallery in a browser.

Using our ht ml gallery example, you can click the photos to navigate through the gallery and see all the pages and photos and adjust settings accordingly. Click a thumbnail to see the large image; click the large image to go back to thumbnails. Simple. If you're adjusting settings for the thumbnails, make sure you're looking at a thumbnail preview page; same goes for the large image pages. Otherwise you won't immediately see your changes.

In addition to previewing the Web gallery within Lightroom's image display area, you can also test it in the default Web browser on your computer. On the bottom of the left panel track is a button labeled "Preview in Browser." (see Figure 7-9). Clicking this will render your gallery and load it into the default browser on your computer.

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Previewing in a browser requires Lightroom to render temporary files for all the photos and can be quite slow. I recommend that you instead use the Web module's built-in preview whenever possible, or use a limited number of photos for your test previews.

If you want to test the gallery in multiple browsers, you should Export the gallery to disk and open the gallery files in any number of browsers of your choosing. Exporting Web galleries is discussed later in this chapter.

OK, back to styling your gallery.

Appearance panel

The Appearance panel is split into three sections; see Figure 7-10.

Common Settings are applied to all photos within this gallery. Tick the box to add drop shadows behind all photos. In the html default gallery you don't have any options for controlling drop shadows. Section borders are placed between the different areas of the page and can also be turned on and off. You can change the colors of the Section Borders by clicking the swatch.

The middle section of the Appearance panel contains options for Grid Pages within the Web gallery. (Of course, this is totally different than the Grid View in Library.) If you see a warning triangle to the right of the Grid Pages text, it's because you're looking at a large image page, not the thumbnails. The warning is telling you that if you make changes to those settings, you won't see the changes in the preview until you switch back to the Grid Page.

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Common Settings m Add Drop Shadow to Photo

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Grid Pages

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