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How to use this book

This book is not meant to be read as much as it is meant to be used, presumably while at your computer. Though the workflow is mostly presented in sequence, it's also helpful to jump from one topic to another as needs dictate. You can use the material to learn Lightroom from the ground up, or refer back to something later.

If you're new to digital photography, or have never used Lightroom, you will benefit from working through this book in a linear fashion. When you have a basic familiarity with the software and workflow, you can later refresh your knowledge by going straight to the section or page containing the shortcuts, tips and techniques appropriate for the task at hand. Before long, you'll know Lightroom inside and out—and that's when the real fun begins!

The content of this book assumes you have at least basic- to intermediate-level computer skills, are comfortable managing files on hard drives and removable media, and understand common computer operations such as copy/paste and manipulating dialog boxes.

I also assume you have a fundamental working knowledge of your camera and that you are capturing in raw format (or ready to start right away).

If you take away one thing from reading this book, I hope it's the full comprehension of what you are capable of doing in Lightroom. Understanding the depth of Lightroom's nuances takes time, but is well worth it. This software can truly change your photography for the better.

Shortcuts: Mac and Windows

A keyboard sequence that eliminates steps and makes performing a task faster. The Mac shortcut is listed first, followed by the Windows shortcut.

The shortcuts in this book are based on Lightroom 3, though most of them also work in earlier versions, and most will continue to work in future versions. Some of these shortcuts are not included in Lightroom Help or other documentation. This increases the possibility they may change from one version release to another. In a printed book, I can't guarantee that the accuracy of the published shortcuts will last forever. There's a list of some of the most useful shortcuts at the end of the book; you can stay current with the latest shortcut revisions online; Google "Lightroom 3 shortcuts" for Web sites offering the most current information.

Keyboard variations

On Mac, the "Apple" key and ^ (Command, or cmd) are the same. On Windows, Control and Ctrl are the same. (In some cases, the Control key is also used on Mac.) Option on Mac is the same as Alt on Windows.

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